WooHoo We have launched….. 1st September the builders and decorators have finished and the clean operation all done. Desks and chairs have have arraived and all the power and internet connection set-up. Wifi access-points are amazing, full bars all around the office. Spacing will be based on the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines at 1 meters. It is important that people feel safe and protected. The Fresh-air aircon system and air extraction platform are now fully operational. Exciting times!

Local interest is spiking and we are so pleased to be servicing our local community. People complaining of small home space, internet performance issues and no wanting to commute to central London means we are able provide all-inclusive office space whether its hot-desking to dedicated offices.

So what are we waiting for …. Our dedicated 1Gb (yes, 1,000 Mb) internet connection delivery date. Fingers crossed for mid/end July installation. We will keep you all posted on developments. Our server room is ready, 48u cabinet with the structured cabling is all ready to go.

Our RODE Podcast equipment has arrived and being installed this week. The Podcast suite can be booked from Monday 21 September 2020. We are offering 50% discount after the first hour (£40+VAT for first hour, then £20+VAT for each subsequent hour booked)

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